Here is the video of the pull apart pizza made with Savoury Snack! It's definitely delicious and perfect for sharing with friends and family! 🍕 😃
Stay nice and warm during this winter with a nice hot bowl of pumpkin soup perfectly paired with a gluten free multigrain bread.
Our vegan Falafel Mix is a great item to stock in your pantry (for up to 2 years) and whip out when you need a quick vegan meal! Have it in a salad bowl or in wrap. Follow this easy recipe
Crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside! Savoury Snack is also known as Pão de Queijo, Brazil's famous cheese bread. This is perfect for parties or as an afternoon snack! We added sesame seeds to the original recipe for a different texture!
We made a simple video with YesYouCan Vegan Protein Burger! Make a vegan burger wrap today following this! Super easy!
Tag us and show us how you make yours!

The protein burger mix was super easy to make, I just added water and let it sit for 10 mins. Then shape into patties and cook! High in protein and fiber & perfect with some tahini, YUM!


Flat breads are the perfect snack to eat. It's even easier to make with YesYouCan Pizza & Focaccia Bread. You only need a few ingredients!

 It's easy to make Focaccia bread with YesYouCan Pizza & Focaccia Bread Mix. Top with olive oil, your favourite herbs, and bake!

Think YesYouCan cheese bread/ savoury snack is already so good? Make it even better with cranberry. Follow this recipe below
YesYouCan Pizza & Focaccia Bread Mix is a versatile product. You can make a delicious Parmesan and Kalamata Olives Focaccia
Finally a pizza that the whole family can eat! Bake it with YesYouCan Pizza & Focaccia Bread Mix. 

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