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SalDoce Fine Foods is an Inspiring Success Story

The Australian Trade and Investment Commission recently released a report for Australian businesses who want to capture an export market in India.

This is to help Australian food and beverage companies analyse the Indian market and understand how high-end Australian products could gain a sustainable competitive advantage in India’s rapidly expanding top-end consumer segment.

SalDoce Fine Foods is featured as an inspiring Australian success story in the report. The company cites export as an important factor in their business strategy. They currently export their range of gluten free baking mixes, as well as cooking mixes (vegan burgers) and their new vegan protein shakes.

Austrade has been a key factor in the company's rapid expansion overseas. “Compared to the domestic market, our products receive higher demand from overseas customers. Austrade introduced us to new networks and industry counterparts, and provided advice on export regulations” says Martin Talacko, Director at SalDoce Fine Foods.

Read more about this report here:

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