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Welcome to our FAQ page! Find answers to commonly asked questions about our products, services, and policies. If you can't find the information you're looking for, feel free to reach out to us.

Are your products suitable for coeliacs?

Yes all our products are gluten free and suitable for customers with coeliac disease

Are all of your products Halal?

Yes, our products has been granted Halal Certification.

Where are your products made?

All our products are proudly made in Australia.

What is the shelf life of your mixes?

Shelf life of our products is 24 months.

Can the protein shakes be a meal replacer?

We cannot define our Vegan Protein Shakes as meal replacers as it doesn’t have all the vitamins and nutrients required to be a meal replacer. However, it can assist in reducing appetite so it can be used provided you take food to complete a balanced diet.

Can I use olive oil in the cake mixes?

We recommend using vegetable oil. Olive oil has a distinctive flavour that would not work well with sweet recipes.

Can the cooked/baked product be frozen for later use?

Yes they can be frozen. We suggest slicing and placing in a freezer tight bag or tub to reduce any freezer burn.

Can the cupcake mixes (Red Velvet and Vanilla) be made into cakes instead?

Yes, they can be made into cakes. Just use an 8 inch round tin and bake for 10 mins longer (a total of 30-35 mins).

Is there coconut oil in the Red Velvet Cupcake Mix? 

No, there is no coconut in the Red Velvet Cupcake Mix. We use palm oil vegetable shortening.

What is the red colouring used in the Red Velvet Cupcake Mix?

We use vegan-sourced monascus as the red colouring. 

Do I pour half or full cup of the cupcakes in the cases?

You can pour 3/4 of the patty.

Can I substitute the water for milk in the cupcakes?

Certainly! You can use the same amount of milk instead.

Is the Chocolate Mud Cake vegan and dairy free without the buttons?

Yes the cake mix itself is vegan and dairy free. The chocolate buttons are manufactured in a different factory which may have milk but not on the specific processing line.

Does the fibre in the Chocolate Mud Cake come from flaxseed?

No, the fibre is not from flaxseed.

Can the Banana Bread be made in a bread machine?

No, the wet mix has to be whipped up especially with the egg (or egg replacer) and margarine. Bread machines are a slow mix and would not produce an ideal banana bread with our mix.

Can I store pancake mixes in the fridge after adding water and shaking?

You can but only for a day. The raising powders would lose their growth after. If you would like to use only half the mix, we recommend pouring the mix out of the bottle into a bowl and adding water 1:1 and then whisking.

Why is the pancake bottle so big for little product?

We have to allot enough space for liquid and shaking.

Can I freeze prepared pizza dough for future use?

Yes, you definitely can. We recommend 2 ways:
  1. Prepare dough and then roll into a boll and cover with wrap or place inside a freezer zip bag. This reduces freezer burn and prevents the dough from becoming dry.
  2. Make into pizza base and cover with wrap, make sure it’s well covered. 

Can I make the Multi Grain Bread in a bread machine?

Yes, it can be made in a bread machine. You can follow the instructions below:
  1. Whisk 270ml (1 cup) lukewarm water and 2 eggs in a bowl.
  2. Pour wet ingredients into bread tin and add the Multi Grain Bread Mix. (Optional: you may add 7g instant dry yeast and 1 tsp of sugar).
  3. Set program to ‘gluten free mode’, choose dark crust. This program should take about 52 minutes.
  4. Wait until bread cools down before slicing.

Why is the addition of dry yeast optional in the bread and pizza mixes? Does the mix not already have yeast in it?

Some people like the taste and smell of yeast and this is why we include it as an option. It it not included the give people the choice as some people prefer not to add.

What kind of salt is in the Multi Grain Bread Mix?

The Multi Grain Bread Mix contains sea salt.

Can I substitute the same weight of normal flour for the gluten free self raising flour?

Yes, you can use the same weight of gluten free self raising flour especially for cake recipes.

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