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Our Story

SalDoce Fine Foods is an Australian family-owned company pioneer in manufacturing allergen sensitive and gluten free foods. Since 2000, SalDoce is proud to have introduced many baking mixes to the Australian and other international markets to suit the diet of customers with gluten, dairy and nut intolerance, diabetes and those who wish to control weight or have a healthier diet without compromising taste 

Our Background

Cristina and Martin Talacko founded SalDoce Fine Foods (which means Savoury and Sweet in Portuguese) in Sydney in 2000. Cristina, who was born in Brazil, missed Brazilian foods and its ingredients when she arrived in Australia. She decided to quit her legal career in 1999 and start manufacturing a Brazilian delicacy called Pão de Queijo made with tapioca and cheese. She travelled to Minas Gerais, where Pão de Queijo is originally from, to learn how to manufacture it and to source and transport to Australia the right ingredients and machinery. The cheese breads were a success amongst coeliacs, children and caterers under the Frevos brand.

Today, SalDoce Fine Foods supplies more than 30 products to many supermarket chains and independent retailers around the world catering for allergen sensitive customers, those with diabetes or on reduced sugar diets, vegan and vegetarians, and those who are health conscious.

Our Business Awards and Recognitions

Anti-Slavery Statement

At SalDoce Fine Foods, we are dedicated to upholding the highest ethical standards in all aspects of our operations. We staunchly oppose modern slavery and human trafficking in any form, and we are committed to ensuring that it has no place within our supply chains or business practices.

SalDoce Fine Foods is a proud user of Nadrasca services, a disability organisation in Melbourne whose objective is to support and empower people with  
disability to lead fulfilling lives.

One Meal

SalDoce Fine Foods proudly stands behind One Meal, a vital not-for-profit dedicated to providing nourishment, clothing, and support to homeless, disenfranchised, vulnerable, and at-risk individuals in our local communities. Their commitment to alleviating suffering and fostering community cohesion aligns with our values of compassion and social responsibility.

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