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SalDoce Fine Foods Discusses the Economic Effects of COVID-19 in The Australian

SalDoce Fine Foods was featured in an article in The Australiandiscussing the economic effects of the COVID-19 stretching beyond exports to China. SalDoce exports to international markets like the Middle East, UAE, and Indonesia.

Cristina Talacko, the director of the company, advises to take an objective approach and spread messages that encourage everyone to go back to "business as usual" with the right set of precautionary measures. SalDoce Fine Foods, along with other Australian business are looking forward to some normality.

See short snippet of the article below:

“We don’t export to China, but our buyers are drying up in the Middle East, UAE and Indonesia,” says Cristina Talacko, whose Sydney-based premium food business, SalDoce Fine Foods, has been hit by the fear gripping global markets.
While the focus of the COVID-19 fallout has been on China, education, tourism and the preparedness of the health sector, it seems no pockets of Australian businesses are immune to the economic shock.
“In all of these countries people are being told to stay home, so mostly people shop online. Our products are in-store products so we’re missing out,” Talacko says. “The largest supermarket in Hong Kong has stopped buying from us.”
SalDoce Fine Foods, which makes protein power shakes and a mix of vegan and gluten-free ­premium food products, exports about 40 per cent of its output and indirectly employs about 100 ­people.
It’s household consumption and the confidence that sustains it, here and abroad, that ultimately drive demand for Talacko’s ­products. Bolstering confidence at home is the immediate task for the Morrison government, now faced with another economic and human challenge so soon after the summer bushfires.
As households and businesses await the details of the full ­stimulus package, expected to be released by Josh Frydenberg on Thursday, a key consumer confid­ence gauge has tumbled. Westpac’s closely watched consumer sentiment report fell by 4 per cent in March, to the lowest level since late 2014.

Read the rest of the article here:

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