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Savoury/Dinner Pack

Please be advised that Savoury Snack is currently out of stock and will be replaced by another unit of Pizza & Focaccia Mix

Elevate your gluten free dining experience with our specially curated Gluten- ree Savoury/Dinner Pack. Crafted for those who savor the joy of flavourful dinners without compromising dietary needs, this bundle brings together a symphony of tastes and textures. Plus, enjoy a generous 15% savings to make your culinary adventures even more delightful.

Bundle includes:

  • 2x Multi Grain Bread
  • 1x Falafel Mix
  • 1x Savoury Snack
  • 2x Pizza and Focaccia Bread

Endorsed by Coeliac Australia

Australia has one of the highest standards in the world when it comes to gluten free: There should be NO DETECTABLE GLUTEN in 5 parts per millionfor products to be labelled GLUTEN FREE while the USA and other places, the legislation allows for as much as 5 times more gluten detected. Australia has the strictest legislation in regard to ‘gluten free’ claims, with no detectable gluten being the only acceptable result.

YesYouCan Gluten Free Products follows strict quality assurance guidelines and is also endorsed by Coeliac Australia as well as HACCP approved.

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