Gluten Free Bread

You don't have to miss out on bread just because you're gluten free

Gluten Free Pancakes

Just add water, shake, and pan fry!

Vegan Burgers

Store for up to 2 years and just pop it out when you need a quick meal!

Savoury Mini Beef Pies

mini beef pie recipe gluten free

Makes 48


  • 1200gm YesYouCan Pizza and Focaccia Bread Mix      
  • 8 Eggs                       
  • 300gm salted Butter                  
  • Salt to taste



  • Take flour, butter, salt and egg in a bowl.
  • Start crumbing the dough and mix it with fingers.
  • Once it starts to stick just make sure it sticks enough and you don’t over kneed it.
  • Chill in the fridge for 20min

Use YesYouCan Pizza Mix to make fantastic tasting pizza bases to your preference, either thin and crispy or a thicker base. This carefully crafted mix delivers authentic taste and texture for delicious pizzas, just add your favourite toppings. Versatile mix for focaccia or other flat breads.

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