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CONTEST: How do you make the perfect gluten free bread?


This competition has now ended!

Many customers are still puzzled on how to bake a gluten free bread that isn’t dry, crumbly, tasteless, sinks, or not rising at all. 😩👎 What are your tips and tricksin baking the perfect gluten free bread?🍞

Share with us how you bake your GF bread and join our contest and you might win the following:

  • First prize: 1400W Classic Stand Mixer
  • Second Prize: Stick Mixer Set
  • Other prizes: YesYouCan Gift Pack with apron and mixes

How to join**:

  1. Make a video baking a gluten free bread 📹
  2. Use our YesYouCan Multi Grain Bread Mix 🍞🥣
  3. Highlight and be specific on what tips and tricks you to do make the bread perfect 📍💯
  4. Make sure you have liked our Facebook and Instagram pages 👍
  5. Send us the video or tag us and use the hashtag #YesYouCanMakePerfectGFBread 📼

The best video will receive the stand mixer. We have 10 gift packs to give away to others who will join. If you have any questions, send us a message and we'll try to get back to you as soon as we can!

We’re excited to see how you make the perfect  gluten free bread!

**For Australia residents only

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